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Dispensary, Information Center, and Business Consultations

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Dispensary, Information Center, and Business Gallery

Before being raided for illegal reasons by the Feds, OTHERSIDE FARMS Private Collective had a fine brick and mortar location which ranked 5 Stars on Weedmaps, particularly for the beautiful establishment and quality medicine. (See pictures). OTHERSIDE FARMS is also well connected with various industry leaders and experts to help anyone interested in all aspects of the medical marijuana industry.

For those interested in Medical Marijuana as a business, OTHERSIDE FARMS also offers consultation services for planning your business.


OTHERSIDE FARMS shares it’s experience in the Medical Marijuana industry and can help you with projections, cost, etc. that are entailed. Services included in Business Planning include:

  • Consulting – On Location Package
  • Fly out to CA, see our protocol, books, facility and project their numbers project numbers
  • Licensed name
  • Design facility and flow
  • Do a full build out
  • Teach how to grow and/or offer a maintenance
  • Assist with strain selection
  • Train staff
  • Offer a full infrastructure for a flat fee and/or maintenance for a monthly.
  • Assist with compliance


Complete Grow Room Services

OtherSide Farms is pleased to now offer the following services:
  • Air Conditioning and heating via licensed HVAC Personnel
  • All electrical via licensed Electrician

Community Outreach

OTHERSIDE FARMS believes very much in giving to those in need and giving back to the community. OTHERSIDE FARMS has and continues to give back to the community, from generously donating medicine to sick and terminally ill patients, to joining and partnering with charities and foundations in support of the Medical Marijuana cause, to even having it’s own soccer team. As part of our consultation services, we are also willing and eager to share information or partner with those with the same mindset.

Raid Consultation

The Otherside Farms Private Collective was a victim of a Federal Marijuana raid on January 14, 2012 despite having abided by (above and beyond) all State laws and guidelines. Since this incident, Otherside Farms has been in contact with several lawyers on the State and Federal level. Other activists and organizations have also stepped up offering support. In the event of a Medical Marijuana raid, Otherside Farms has experience and knowledge to share on what to do during and after a raid, should you ever become a victim. Webinars are being scheduled. To sign up, please contact us on the form to the right.

Medical Marijuana Orange County | Growing Marijuana

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