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Otherside Farms grow workshop consists of a comprehensive session on growing medical marijuana for patient self reliance. Our sessions are hands on and cover all that is necessary and essential to start growing, perform maintenance and harvest.  Advanced topics are also covered, including problem solving, upkeep, and maintenance. Students receive a growing handbook and certificate of completion.


OTHERSIDE FARMS offers a full selection of grow consultation services to help patients in all areas of the medical marijuana industry. OTHERSIDE FARMS offers grow consultation services to patient’s new rooms (consists of us coming out for a site survey, and making our assessment and submitting a proposal) or existing grow room and we suggest a plan that enables optimal efficiency. Most growers make the mistake of micromanaging or gathering too much information from conflicting sources which creates confusion and instability. OTHERSIDE FARMS has a superlative plan that works and we are here to help patients succeed.

In addition to our consultation services, OTHERSIDE FARMS also offers grow workshop classes which consist of a comprehensive session on growing medical marijuana for patient self-reliance, teaching patients how to grow safely and effectively for themselves.

During our consultation, we gather the pertinent information for the job ahead. Your design package consists of near to scale diagram of what you will need, where it needs to go, and how it needs to be configured. We look at your power coming in and make sure you have what you need BEFORE you begin. Power is the number one concern for several reasons so you need to have enough available if you want to do it right. We compile a list of what you need, where to get it cheapest, and how much it will cost. The money and time saved will be more than you can imagine and is most definitely worth the cost of our design package.

Build out of grow room and installation of equipment

The proper installation of your equipment is essential to your grow room’s success. Many people make the mistake of buying all top-of-the-line equipment but not setting it up properly and therefore wasting time and money. Little tricks of the trade are huge in any industry but especially ours, so the proper installation of your grow equipment is something that should be taken very seriously if you want to have a successful operation.

Initial Setup

Once we’ve installed all of your equipment we will set up everything to run on the schedule you’ve picked. This is where most people make the biggest mistakes. Micromanaging is your worst enemy.


An explanation on how to use your equipment, why to do it the way we’ve set it up and when to make changes etc… is crucial to your success. This instruction is included with your install package.

Grow Room Maintenance and Management Course

We provide monthly maintenance packages in applicable areas or instruction on how to maintain your grow room. Maintenance and management are determined during our proposal phase. A breakdown of this course is as follows:

Advanced cloning techniques, mist prop. and deep water culture education

General Maintenance – Watering etc…
How to water, assess and maintain propagation and vegetation area

EZ to Pre Veg Station and cleaning EZ
Deep cleaning and preparation of EZ and Pre Veg units

Preening and Monitoring
Daily plant maintenance and caretaking techniques

Pre Veg 1 to Veg Room – Transplanting
Transplanting hydro to the soil, soil management

Bloom 1
Bloom part I – day by day

Bloom 2
Bloom part II – day by day

Determining harvest time and harvesting techniques

Extensive instruction on mass and fine trimming techniques

By product use and disposal and proper curing and storing methods

Further instruction/Check-ups/Pests or other problems

Additional consultation can be provided when need be, based on agreement/contract.[/learn_more]

Grow Consultations available to Medical Marijuana States