TCP RLR20HH 50 Watt Equivalent LED Plant Light Bulb Shatter Resistant Energy Efficient (8W) Non-Dimmable | R20 Lamp E26 Base, Full Spectrum


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The TCP LED R20 Reflector Plant Light is a convenient solution to keeping your plants happy and healthy while they spend time indoors. Whether it’s a rainy day, a cloudy week or a wintery season, this handy light bulb is here to help. Plants require year-round sun light which may not always be provided outdoors, but with this light bulb in use your plants will be able to get the light they need to stay strong. Its shatter-resistant design adds durability on top of quality and it is made with a BR30 Reflector which works to direct the light forward onto your plants instead of spreading it throughout the room. With a 65-Watt equivalent power output, an actual use of only 8 Watts and a nine-year life-span, this bulb provides a fantastic utility at an affordable cost. Consistent, year-round indoor care for your plants is achieved with this TCP LED R20 Reflector Plant Light.
TCP LED R20 Reflector Plant Light Bulb, 50W:
Single pack plant light light bulb
50-Watt equivalent; actual output of 8 Watts
450 – 650nm
BR30 reflector with medium base/li>
Shatter resistant
Can last up to 9 years*
*Based on 3 hours average use per dayLED GROW LIGHT BULB: TCP LED Grow Lights produce a complete light spectrum. Each Stage of the growing cycle has different light needs for optimum growth. These LED Grow lights are designed to provide a wide light spectrum to encourage healthy plant growth and more yield.
HYDROPONIC GARDENS WILL THRIVE: This TCP LED Plant light will be just want you need for your indoor garden, vegetable, herb, flowers, and hydroponic systems. The light bulb is versatile. It has a E26 standard base, so it can fit in most standard lamps. So it can be a perfect fit for your greenhouse.
COMPLETE GROW LIGHT SPECTRUM BLUE, YELLOW, and RED Lights (400nm – 730nm): Vegetation Stage peaks in the blue Spectrum Nanometer measures are 400nm – 500nm. Pre-Flower Stage peaks in the yellow/red spectrum 500nm-600nm. This triggers photosynthesis. Flower Ripen Stage Peaks in 620nm – 730nm.
TCP LED PLANT LIGHT BULBS ENERGY EFFICENT: This grow lightbulb is 50 watt equivalent and uses only 8 watts. It has a lifespan of 10, 000 hrs. TCP LED bulbs produce little heat so you don’t have to worry about burning your plants when you leave the grow lamp on.
20+ YEARS OF LIGHTING EXPERIENCE: Manufactured by TCP Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. We’ve produced more than 500, 000, 000 lighting products. You can trust us. We know light.

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