PREMIER HORTICULTURE 1008091RGCE Orchid Mix, 8 Quart


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PRO-MIX 8QT Orchid mix – this ready-to-use Orchid mix is specially formulated from select western fir bark for growing orchids & other epiphytes. PRO-MIX Orchid mix offers good drainage & aeration providing conditions that favor root growth for orchids to thrive. Benefits: charcoal supports the roots of orchids & contains salts to provide the ultimate growth conditions; fir bark has a rough surface & does not compact, allowing air & water to be absorbed by the plant’s roots; finally, my co active organic growth enhancer grows larger root systems for increased nutrient & water uptake, & bigger & healthier plants. (Mycoactive only available in USAReady to use
Good drainage and aeration
Grows larger root systems
Formulated for growing orchids and other epiphytes

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 19.98

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