Miracle LED Shroom Indoor Grow Light Kit for Oyster, Shiitake Mushrooms – 4 6500K 12W Full & 4 Blue Spectrum Ultra Grow Replace 150W LED Grow Bulbs & 1 4-Socket Fixture with Timer

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Stimulus Brands, LLCClick Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: $129.94

  • CULTIVATE MUSHROOMS INDOORS – Despite their love for shadey forest floors, mushrooms rely on light to regualte their growth cycle and stimulate hi-yield production.
  • THE RIGHT LIGHT – Shroom Grow kits include 6.5K Full Spectrum Daylight bulbs which are made to match the hours of real daylight mushrooms. This is made easy & automatic using the included Sproutmatic timer. During the fruiting period of mushroom growth, a zap of Blue Spectrum light has been known to increase yield and speed up growth.
  • ALMOST FREE ENERGY – Low-energy LED Grow Lights deliver the same growing power as old, hot-running incandescents & grow panels for a FRACTION of the cost on your energy bill! Our Grow bulbs run under $1.66 a year.
  • WATER RESISTANT – Durable rubber cord and polarized plug makes this kit flexible, strong, and water resistant!
  • LIMITLESS SETUP – Master your indoor gardening setup with high versatility and flexibility! These 6-foot strings are perfect to reach the tightest and most difficult spaces with ease.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 129.94

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