EasyGoProdcuts Vermiculite 120 Quarts – 4 Cubic Foot of Organic Planting Soil Additive – Incubator

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EasyGoProductsClick Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: $35.99

  • Large Size Bag – Unlike others who sell 8 quarts this bag is 120 quarts. More value for your money.
  • Grade 3 Vermiculite – This is the most popular grade of Vermiculite. Easy to use and low cost. Can be mixed with peat, bark and compost.
  • Great Incubator – Great for using to incubate and hatch many varieties of plants. Great for potted plants. Holds moisture and nutrients leaving area for air in the soil. Promotes faster root growth. Great for green house growing and hydroponic growing.
  • All Natural Mineral – a natural element that is clean, odorless, sterile and non-toxic. Discourages fungal growth by the naturally occurring pH Alkaline.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 35.99

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Originally posted 2020-12-27 04:31:59.

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