DWC Hydroponics Growing System Kit – 2 Large Airstone, 6 Plant Sites (holes) Bucket with Air Pump – Best Indoor Herb Garden for Lettuce, Mint – Complete Hydroponic Setup Grow Fast at Home by SavvyGrow


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Ever wanted fresh herbs & salads but you don’t have a garden, or your soil is too poor? The SavvyGrow
DWC Hydroponic System lets you do it indoors. Click ADD TO CART now to grow big plants, fast n easy.


Soil-based plants spread out vast root systems to hunt for nutrients, however our hydroponic growing kit
means plants don’t need to search for food, since it is right below them, in the most absorbable form
possible. Our 2 x large airstones & pump, oxygenate water so plants will never be overwatered.

Here’s more about this amazing system:

  • Avoids bad weather
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to grow organically
  • Includes durable air pump
  • Tube & bucket drain system
  • Low maintenance gardening
  • No worries about soil quality
  • Big DWC reservoir to keep plants fed
  • Slugs and pests are a thing of the past
  • Grow veg without a glasshouse or garden
  • 2 x large airstones (most offer only 1 small stone)
  • Herbs, salads, veggies, flowers & fruits, fresh to your plate


The SavvyGrow hydroponic system comes with everything you need to become a home grower! It is the
perfect indoor herb garden kit, and makes a great gift for lovers of organic food and those wanting to enjoy
fresh, nutrient-rich food. Some plants may prefer overhead lighting, and these can be bought separately on


Yes, this is one of the best hydroponic systems for growing from seed, as there is plenty of space between
the sites (holes) to allow the plant to flourish as it would naturally.

Buy with confidence as you’re covered by our 100% Money Back “Blooming Big” Guarantee, no questions
asked. Click Add to Cart now to grow big plants, fast n easy.✔ EASY USE, COMPLETE KIT… everything you need to grow your own organic food & herbs, includes 2 large airstones (most offer only 1 small), powerful air pump & large DWC bucket, water indicator, assemble instructions, tube & clay pebble
✔ 3-5 TIMES FASTER THAN SOIL…our hydroponic growing kit creates big plants, fast; their roots get full nourishment without searching soil for it. The perfect indoor herb garden kit
✔ PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS & SCHOOLS… this is one of the best hydroponic system kits for those starting out as indoor vegetable growers, or for children & teachers doing projects in class
✔ BRING THE GARDEN INDOORS…avoid bad weather, acid rich soils, slugs and pests by growing healthy fresh herbs, salads, veggies, flowers & fruits. Ideal for lovers of organic food
✔ BIG RESERVOIR = BIG PLANTS… grow 6 together from seeds or seedling; place basil by tomato, lettuce with paprika, then add water & root supplement, and watch them grow!

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 61.99

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