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Burpee Seed Starter Tray with Coir Pellets, One Size, 72 Cells

Burpee 72 cell complete seed starting kit comes with two 36 cell planting trays and one water reservoir tray72 Burpee super growing pelletsTwo plant-o-gram diagrams to note which varieties were sown whereSix 4″ plant markersExpert tip: Place super growing pellets flat-side down, and add very warm water slowly for maximum expansion

Espoma AP4 4-Quart Organic Potting Mix

All natural potting mix enhanced with myco-tone for all Potted plantsImproves moisture retention and reduces drought stressPromotes root growthFor all indoor and outdoor containersPotting soilFor all indoor and outdoor containersEnhanced with Myco-Tone water saving formulaImprove moisture retention and reduce drought stressPromote root growth and grow big beautiful plants

Jobe’s Organics Garden Lime Soil Amendment, 6 lb

Organic granular for increasing soils alkalinity, pH; Low pH can cause poor fertilizer response and soil structureMost plants grow well in a pH between 6 and 7, with 6.5-6.8 being ideal; Below 6.0 many nutrients cannot be absorbedAdding garden lime will increase the pH and make those nutrients available again; Test soil pH before applyingHelps…

AeroGarden Farm Plus – White (24″ Grow Height)

You asked, and we listened! Introducing the AeroGarden Farm Plus of smart hydroponic gardens. The newest addition to the AeroGarden family gives you more than 2.5x the growing capacity than any other product in our line. Make trips to the produce aisle a thing of the past. With the Farm Plus you get more of…

Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix, 8 Quart, 3 Pack

Burpee organic Premium growing mix is enriched with Burpee plant food for vibrant flowers and delicious vegetables and herbsPerfect for container and raised bed gardening, this growing mix feeds plants instantly and provides a slow release plant food that feeds for up to 3 monthsFormulated with coconut coir, a sustainable and renewable resource, that helps…

AeroGarden Sprout LED – Black

Imagine fresh herbs and vegetables grown in your home, year-round. With the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout LED you can grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more! This smart countertop garden uses water and patented nutrients to naturally grow plants… no herbicides, no pesticides, non-GMO. It’s natural goodness right at your fingertips. AeroGardens are the…

Premier Horticulture Inc (1020030RG) 2CF Pro Mix Ultimate All Purpose Comp

Formulated for a wide range of plant species. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor planting applications. Contains a slow release fertilizer that feeds for up to 9 months. Contains; Canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, slow release fertilizer, Mycorrhizae Premier Tech.Formulated for a wide range of plant speciesSuitable for all indoor and outdoor…