Burpee 32 Cell Xl Ultimate Self-Watering Seed Starting Kit


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Burpee-innovated seed starting kit has everything you need to grow even the largest of seedlings. 10″ (w) x 20″ (L) tray with extra-large cells measuring 2.25″ (w) x 2.25″ (L) x 2″ (H), encourage your plants to develop big, strong root systems & minimize transplant shock, giving you healthier plants. This Kit’s self-watering system allows for easy care & accelerated plant growth.Burpee 32 XL Cell seed starting kit comes with one watering tray and two 16 cell planting trays with self watering mat and reservoir tray
Assembly video features Burpee 72 XL Cell seed starting kit
32 Burpee natural coconut fiber super growing pellets and clear greenhouse dome
Two Plant-o-Gram diagrams to note which varieties were sown in each cell
Six plastic plant markers
Expert tip: Place super growing pellets flat-side down, and add very warm water slowly for maximum expansion

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 24.99

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