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Can you have cannabis withdrawal?

The medicinal values that medical marijuana brings to each person is priceless that many pharmaceutical drugs can’t give. Pharmaceuticals either make you nauseous, weak, woozy, sleepy or even worse than you already felt.

As bad as the government has made it seem by making marijuana illegal, marijuana’s benefits are much greater than just about any other herb or drug. THC and CBD, two of many active ingredients in cannabis are the main reasons behind the good that it does. Here are some things it treats.

  • Glaucoma – It helps glaucoma by relieving the pressure it creates.
  • Cancer – It helps cancer patients open their appetite and sleep through painful nights
  • Seizure – CBD helps a great deal on the nerves and brain for seizures.

Some people don’t use it when they don’t need it but there are definitely some people who just use it more than they would want too. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 9% of regular marijuana users have marijuana dependency issues. Marijuana dependency and addiction are two different issues. Marijuana addiction is more questionable than the dependency is. Dependency can be occurring when you realize you are without weed and you panic. It can be prevalent when you find yourself constantly thinking about it when you are out and about without any pot. Have you had a friend say that they need a break and plan on stopping then when you see them next time, they’re still smoking?

For most of us, quitting marijuana isn’t an issue. We wake up, have a cup of coffee, take a shower and go on about our day. Even though marijuana is not all about the negative stereotype people chalked it up to be, it’s still good to take a reality break. Some people do it for school, some for a job and some take a breather.

When you do quit smoking marijuana, sometimes you may feel cannabis withdrawals that are very minor or minimal. Most people don’t have them and when they do, it only lasts a day or two. It is not the withdrawals you hear about that make you get cold sweats or body aches, it’s called marijuana withdrawal for a lack of better words. Here are just the two small effects that can happen when you stop.

Lack of Appetite – Once you stop smoking, the very next day you will notice a lack of appetite. You won’t have the urge or be hungry to eat breakfast. By lunchtime you will probably still not be that hungry but might eat. By dinner, you should be good to go and have these feelings worn off.

Lack of Sleep – If you use marijuana mainly to help you sleep then this might be noticeable for you. When you stop using marijuana your body will take a bit longer than usual to sleep. This is because it’s used to the lethargic feeling that helps you fall asleep.

The best ways to go about these are exercise and meditation. Exercising helps the mind stay at ease, while relaxing your body’s hormones, making you tired and even opening up an appetite. Meditating helps the body relax which can help you fall asleep.