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Welcome to the soft launch of our new website. We are currently still working to finalize our site. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

OTHERSIDE FARMS offers a full selection of grow consultation services to help patients in all areas the medical marijuana industry.

OTHERSIDE FARMS has a superlative plan that works and we are here to help patients succeed.

Grow Consultations
OTHERSIDE FARMS offers grow consultation services to patient’s new room (consists of us coming out for a site survey, and making our assessment and submitting a proposal) or existing grow room and we suggest a plan that enables optimal efficiency. Most growers make the mistake of micro managing or gathering too much information from conflicting sources which creates confusion an instability.
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Grow Classes
OTHERSIDE FARMS also offers grow workshop classes which consists of a comprehensive session on growing medical marijuana for patient self reliance, teaching patients how to grow safely and effectively for themselves. OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center is currently closed, however, please contact us to be added to our email list and be notified of future grow classes or to inquire about private sessions.
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Advanced Classes
In addition to OTHERSIDE FARMS
Grow Classes, Otherside Farms offers advanced classes for intermediate/advanced growers and are custom to fit your needs. OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center is currently closed, however, please contact us to be added to our email list and be notified of future grow classes or to inquire about private sessions.
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Non-Profit Dispensary Planning
Before being unfairly raided by the Feds, OTHERSIDE FARMS Private Collective had a top notch 5 star location, known for its quality establishment and quality medicine. Today OTHERSIDE FARMS is still well connected with various industry leaders and experts to help anyone interested in all aspects of the medical marijuana industry.
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Cannabis Law
OTHERSIDE FARMS attorneys typically assist clients in business formation, licensing, permits, tax collection, leasing of facilities, establishment and implementation of best management practices, interaction with and lobbying of state and local law enforcement and government representatives, seeking the return of seized property including marijuana, bringing civil actions to protect the rights of clients, and defending against civil litigation and criminal prosecutions.
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OTHERSIDE FARMS has a list of network Doctors which we can recommend to potential patients. Some of our doctors may also assist in community events, public speaking, and research.  If you are a Doctor and would like to network with OTHERSIDE FARMS or a patient seeking a Doctor, please contact us at the form below for details.
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Otherside Farms, Where the Grass is Always Greener

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If you are interested in growing medical marijuana for medical use, or would like to be considered for future grow classes, please contact us, and we will notify you of further developments.  Otherside Farms is still very well connected with various industry businesses and continues to be an advocate in the medical marijuana community.  If you have any inquiries or interested in consultations, please feel free to contact us.

Otherside Farms was previously two entities, a private collective and a medical marijuana information center. Due to irreparable damage from a Federal Raid on on the private collective, both entities have closed down their physical locations.

For more information on Otherside Farms previous locations, please visit the old website. Visit old Information Center website

About OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center
OTHERSIDE FARMS Medical Marijuana Information Center, established December 2009, and not to be confused with OTHERSIDE FARMS Private Collective, established late August 2011, was a place for education and awareness of all things medical marijuana.
We continue to pride ourselves in educating others about medical marijuana facts, from it’s history, to growing safely for personal use, to being involved in several Cannabis research programs.  We also have experience in developing superior plant genetics and are the original creator of the Olivia Strain amongst others!  It is through our experience that we wish to help other patients grow safely for themselves by sharing our knowledge through our Cannabis grow workshops.  If you’re growing for medicinal use, OTHERSIDE FARMS recommends researching each strain to ensure it will be effective for your specific symptoms. Trusted breeders like Europe’s Green House Seeds and America’s own Grand Daddy Purp offer some of the safest & most reliable sources for fully tested genetics.For patients who require additional assistance, OTHERSIDE FARMS specializes in closed grow room environments and offers grow consultations for qualified patients. OTHERSIDE FARMS also extends consultation services nationwide to States with legal active Medical Marijuana programs.  For local consultations, OTHERSIDE FARMS offers consultations to patient’s new or existing grow rooms and will make recommendations to a plan that enables optimal efficiency.  OTHERSIDE FARMS has a superlative plan that we know works, and we are here to help patients succeed.Visit old Information Center website
Private Collective
The Otherside Farms Private Collective (a separate entity at a separate location opened late August 2011 and 100% State compliant, was raided by the Feds and has been closed down; visit their website and see how Otherside Farms Private Collective has helped patients).Visit old Private Collective website
Otherside Farms

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Did you know?

  • Cannabis has been used by medicine since 2727 BC.
  • Cannabis has been found to kill cancer cells.
  • The first BiblesmapschartsBetsy Ross’s flag, the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and theConstitution were made from hemp.
  • Refusing to grow Hemp in America during the 17th and 18th Centuries was against the law. You could be jailed in Virginia for refusing to grow hemp from 1763 to 1769.
  • RembrantsGainsboroughsVan Goghs as well as most early canvas paintings were principally painted on hemp linen.
  • In 1916, the U.S. Government Dept. of Agriculture predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp and that no more trees need to be cut down.
  • For thousands of years, 90% of all ships’ sails and rope were made from hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is Dutch for cannabis.
  • The war on drugs costs the US $10-14 Billion Annual Savings and Revenues, which is not worth it given the current state of the economy. There are better alternatives to fighting drug addition, such as drug rehabilitation.
  • Federal Congress allowed the Federal District Court of D.C. to implement the 1998 medical marijuana law while continuing to raid states that have voted on MMJ laws.
  • Fun Facts about Hemp that your probably did not know
  • US President and Genius Quotes on Hemp


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